Preparation AtosTour

The AtosTour is a two-day cycling tour of 470 km.  We cycle in a closed group (peloton) at an average speed of 26 km per hour. The landscape is hilly and although the hills are never very steep they come one after another, hour after hour, until we reach The Netherlands on the second day. Each day we cycle quite a distance with considerable elevation and you cannot afford to slow down because the peloton carries on until the next planned stop.

Good preparations are necessary to make the AtosTour a success:

  1. Make sure you are physically fit. Consider a medical examination.
  2. Prepare your body for a long-term effort. Imagine you cycle two days in a row, about nine hours a day and add to this the countless climbs.
    Do not underestimate the effort…
  3. Make sure you have experience with cycling in (large) groups. Try to practice this for instance by joining a local organized roadbike tour.
  4. Being too confident is not good, but also being too insecure might endanger your co-riders.
  5. Be prepared for bad weather. It may be hot one moment and the next moment you might cycle in the cold rain.
    Imagine what it is like when you have to cycle in the rain for a few hours…
    Try to get some practice, preferably in a group.
  6. Make sure your bicycle is suitable for the trip and is technically in good condition (especially your brakes and tyres).

Comparison AtosTour etappes and classic cycling tours

1Classic LBL253253,4538,49
2AtosTour etappe 1247245,8327,72
3Classic Amstel Gold244244,5127,81
4AtosTour etappe 2216216,6723,11

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