Good ideas are rarely for free and the organization of the AtosTour is costly: we need cars and motorbikes for logistics and safety, board and lodging for participants and facilitators, uniform cycling clothing for all, we have the costs of travel to the start in Paris, etc..
Fortunately the organizing committee succeeds every year in tying the knots together with the help of Atos as our main sponsor.
The participants contribute an entry fee of € 175 per person; the Dutch Atos personnel association (Funology) contributes as well. Since 2006 fundraising for charity is part and parcel of the AtosTour and since 2010 this is done on an international scale, with the initiatives of the participants contributing to their national cancer association. This way the AtosTour has contributed a total of more then € 313.000 to the fight against cancer.

logofunologyThe finances of the AtosTour consist of 2 separated accounts: on the one hand the cost of organizing the tour, paid by participants (entry fees), Atos (main sponsor) and many other organizations that provide means and materials for free. On the other hand the fundraising for charity by participants with the help of the organizing committee and of companies that donate for the fight against cancer.