United KingdomMacmillan Cancer Support€ 1.370,17
GermanyKinder Krebs Stiftung€ 420,00
BelgiumKom op tegen Kanker€ 237,66
NetherlandsKika kinderkankervrij€ 122,00
FranceInstitute Curie€ 90,00


In addition to the recreational objective of the AtosTour, there is also an idealistic objective: we collect money to support the fight against cancer.
The AtosTour peloton has an international composition and the participants ride for their national cancer foundation.
Participants drive for their own chosen cancer fight, so everyone drives for the cancer fight of his / her country.
If there are participants from a “new” country, we ask them to support their national cancer foundation and we add their logo to our overview.

The AtosTour organization facilitates the setting up of internet pages where participants can be sponsored and add the results of their actions.
Participants can, for example, be sponsored by friends and colleagues per kilometer traveled.
Furthermore, any personal initiative is welcome, provided it fits within our objectives of collegiality, sportsmanship and solidarity.

The AtosTour Foundation also organizes the AtosTour lottery.
The lottery prizes are donated by companies and organizations.