Cycling clothing


Additional cycling clothing can be ordered at cost.

Clothes can be ordered until Saturday, June 1, 2022.
The complete order will be delivered to us at, ± August 15, 2022, after which we will ship it to you.
AtosTour participants will receive a shirt, bib shorts and additional ordered clothes on departure.
We will ship the clothes to non-participants.

Prices do not include shipping costs.


Cycling shirt short sleeves€ 39,00
Cycling shirt long sleeves€ 46,00
Windbreaker€ 50,00
Cycling bibshort€ 57,00
Cycling tight winter (without chamois)€ 61,00
Cycling tight winter (with chamois)€ 73,00
Cycling 3/4 tight summer (with chamois)€ 67,00
Cycling 3/4 tight winter (with chamois)€ 69,00
Rain Jacket (transparent)€ 35,00

Please check the size table before ordering, as clothing cannot be returned