The AtosTour is a cycling tour in which approximately 65 cyclists ride in two days in a peloton from Paris to Eindhoven in order to raise money to support the battle against cancer.
We will travel by bus with bike trailer from Eindhoven (The Netherlands) to Bussy-St. Georges (France, close to Paris) on Thursday September 2th. Participants from France and other countries will join the group in Bussy-Saint-Georges on September 2th.
The first stage on Friday September 3th is from Bussy-St.Georges (Paris) to Bergen/Mons (Belgium) over a distance of 250 km (elevation 2600 meters).
The second stage on Saturday September 4th goes from Bergen/Mons to Eindhoven over a distance of 220 km (elevation 1800 meters).
In both stages there are 3 breaks to rest and recuperate. The peloton is led by two frontriders who set the speed. The road captains ensure that the group stays together from start to finish. The backriders ensure the safe return of cyclists who fall behind or have mechanical failures, back to the peloton.

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In addition to the sporty challenge the AtosTour also has an idealistic goal: we raise money to support the fight against cancer.
Because participants come from different countries, we have chosen to support the following foundations:

BelgiumKom op tegen Kanker€ 0,00
FinlandAAMU (Suomen Lasten Syöpäsäätiö)€ 0,00
GermanyDeutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung€ 816,00
NederlandKIKA kinderkankervrij€ 130,00

The Dutch participants raise money for Kika, the Belgium participants support Kom-op-tegen Kanker and so on.
In case a participant from a “new” country joins the AtosTour we ask him/her to support their national cancer foundation and to take initiatives to do so. To raise money, participants can for example ask friends, family or colleagues to sponsor them for a certain amount of money per kilometer.
Participants and facilitators from The Netherlands and Belgium can sell tickets for the annual AtosTour lottery; prizes for the lottery are donated by several companies and organizations.
They can also sell special AtosTour stamps at a price that includes a donation to their national cancer foundation.

All other initiatives are welcome as long as they meet our objectives of conviviality, sportsmanship and solidarity.

We report the total amount of money we raise on this website (this will be sum of all countries).